Bus Fundraising

The Bus has come! Thanks to all the generous donations and help. While an electric bus proved too costly we were able to buy a new 16 seater. This will be an invaluable learning tool! 

Update 2nd November 2021: We have received another anonymous donation of €10,000 towards the purchase and running of our school bus service on the 1st November 2021!!! What a great start to the new half term. Thank you to whoever you are and we will continue to work towards our dream of having a new school bus in the next 12 months. Please tell your friends and family to support this great cause.

We are delighted to have received a very generous donation of €22,500 from an anonymous source in September 2021: https://www.irishexaminer.com/lifestyle/people/arid-40700180.html

We will use this money to help us buy a replacement bus in the next few years. We currently have a 2003 16 seater school bus which is in decline. We use our bus to bring our students out in to the community to gain invaluable skills and knowledge such as, managing money, managing time, social skills, knowledge of local areas of interest. It is a great resource for the school and makes learning interesting and relevant for students with learning needs. We are looking at financing a new bus in the years ahead.

We would love to buy an electric bus which would be kinder for the environment and we could charge it using the solar panels on the roof of our school. Our bus needs to be wheelchair accessible to allow all of our students to take part in outings.

We are working towards our goal bit by bit and would love people to support us in our fundraising mission.

You can donate to our cause at our Gofundme page: https://gofund.me/2f72852d

Our old Bus

This great servant is coming to the end of its life cycle. 

Electric Bus

We would love to power our bus with free power from the roof. 

Solar panels

We are using these to make free green electricity on our gym roof everyday! 

An outing to Cork

An outing to the Library