Second Year

Welcome to OUR SECOND YEAR PAGE. 2H have been learning many different things since we came back to school in September. We've learnt how to be safe in school with Covid 19 , about Ancient Egypt and prepared for our Halloween Celebration for the Creative Schools Project, 'The Spooky Stroll' on the 23rd of October 2020. We are writing to our local Nursing Home in Montenotte every Wednesday, and are currently on week four. We hope to continue writing into the New Year. 2H 'Make my Bed Challenge' is running for November & December to practice our independence and organisational skills. We are looking forward to Christmas and will share some of our activities very soon !! We've uploaded some our work for you to see and enjoy!!

For October we worked on on the Creative Schools Project - 2H created a Witches Lair. We made newts eyes, carved pumpkins , gathered branches for our cauldron. We had great fun and we worked on our theme for three weeks.

The Witches Lair

Come Stir The Pot ......

Newts Eyes in The Making

Hard at Work

Getting Our Spooky Dance on

With Lisa Cahill

On Wednesdays we Write

We write weekly to the Montenotte Care Home- we look forward to it every Wednesday


Each student writes to their very own friend - we take the time to write a letter and check in with others !

'To write is human. To receive a letter: Devine '

Susan Lendroth

2H - Jingle Bell Rock.mp4

Jingle Bell Rock by 2H

We hope you enjoy our version of Jingle Bell Rock!