Second Year

Cork Butter Museum

Steps for making butter:

  1. Put the cream in the jar.

  2. Put the lid on the jar.

  3. Turn the handle to churn the cream.

  4. Count to 30 while churning the cream. Then give some other people a go!

  5. Strain out the buttermilk through the sieve.

  6. Pour in more water to rinse the butter.

  7. Lift the butter with the paddles to squeeze out the last of the water.

  8. Spread the butter on some brown bread. Enjoy!!

Crawford Art Gallery

We visited the sculpture room in the Crawford Art Gallery. We had fun copying the statues' poses!

2R Class Trip to FitzGerald's Park

Having fun on the slides

On top of the climbing wall

We had great fun on our first class trip out. Mr. Hamilton drove the new school mini-bus to FitzGerald's Park. We brought our snacks from school and had a break by the Sky Garden.

2H welcomes people from all different communities to our class. This is our school page - we hope you enjoy it.

Welcome To Our Class for 2022/2023

  • We visit our local nursing home, write to the residents, chat and play games with them.

  • We've made toasted sandwiches as part of learning instructions. This has been great fun!!

  • We painted our cupboards in the PRIDE colours. We support all communities in our school.

Toasty Thursdays .....

We are working on our Learning for Living skills.

We make toasted sandwiches every second Thursday.

We follow instructions as part of our Literacy and Communication skills.

We enjoy these as reward for good behaviour.

We are good at making them.