Third Year

We have learned about a novel called Trash. 

The characters and setting are interesting. 

We learned about William Shakespeare.

"Romeo Romeo, come 'ere I want ya! "

We have learned some poetry! 

Ode to Joy! 

Classic Creatures

Check out our seriously talented artists. 

For Green Schools we planted a forest of oaks.

From little acorns...

We are doing our best to eat healthy. 

Food dudes

3H Assembly

See our latest news news from our class that we did last assembly. 


Third Year Artistic Performance

This is our final video from our Artistic Performance Short Course. It is called 'Masked Mischief in Scoil Bernadette' and all the music, costume design and story came from the students of 3H.


Third Years and LCA performance of The Wizard of Oz, Christmas 2021.