Second Year

Welcome to OUR SECOND YEAR PAGE. 2H have been learning many different things since we came back to school in September. We've learnt how to be safe in school with Covid 19 , about Ancient Egypt and prepared for our Halloween Celebration for the Creative Schools Project, 'The Spooky Stroll'   on the 23rd of October 2020. 

We were delighted to be back in our fabulous school since March 1st. In the last month we have been working very hard and doing lots of fun things. We have gone out litter picking in our local community, set personal fitness challenges in walking and running,  completed our class jigsaw challenge, continued writing to our friends in the Nursing Home and have interviewed people who work with animals as part of our Caring for Animals course. We marked our end of term by celebrating with a pizza. 

For October we worked on on the Creative Schools Project - 2H created a Witches Lair. We made newts eyes, carved pumpkins , gathered branches for our cauldron. We had great fun and we worked on our theme for three weeks. 

On Wednesdays we Write 

We write weekly to the Montenotte Care Home- we look forward to it every Wednesday   



Each student writes to their very own friend - we take the time to write a letter and check in with others ! 

'To write is human. To receive a letter: Divine '

Susan Lendroth 

2H - Jingle Bell Rock.mp4

Jingle Bell Rock by 2H

We hope you enjoy our version of Jingle Bell Rock! 

March 2021 - Litter Picking 

Look at these Litter Picking Legends  2H - went out litter picking around the northside of Cork !! Great work 


Great concentration 

This is not david 👀...

E.T came to visit our English class 👽 

we interviewed Brendan from the D.S.P.C.A via Zoom 

       Pizza time 🍕🍕🍕

             Celebrating the end of a great term with pizza !! 

Beach Trip 2021.mp4

2h & 2Y Beach Trip June 2021

We went to Fountainstown Beach

We explored a beach habitat 

We did a scavenger hunt 

We had a BBQ 

We went litter picking 

We played beach games 

We left no trace