The Cork Jazz Festival at Scoil Bernadette

On Friday, 25th October, the OhnO Jazz Band performed live at Scoil Bernadette as part of the Cork Jazz Festival. Students & staff thoroughly enjoyed the performance...

"they were amazing"/ "we enjoyed dancing to the music"/ "they were very good at singing and at playing their instruments"

Cork Pops Orchestra

On Wednesday, 6th November, students and staff visited Cork City Hall to watch a live performance by the Cork Pops Orchestra.

While there we saw a gorilla playing the cello! We had a great time singing and dancing along to the music!

Christmas Mass

We are busy preparing for the Scoil Bernadette Christmas mass, which will take place on Tuesday, 17th December. We have been learning how to play the tune Pachelbel's Canon on ukulele, guitar, and keyboard.

Carol Singing

We are looking forward to our annual Carol Singing event at Cork Airport. It will take place the morning of Tuesday, 17th December, from 11-12 am. Family and friends are very welcome.