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Our work

We are working with Ms. Lynch on an elective course called

 Grow it! Cook it! Eat it!

We choose what to plant. We then look after them- watering/weeding etc.  When the time is right we harvest the crops and then we prepare them and finally we can eat them!!!!


Using a dibber to prepare the seed beds before planting lettuce

Transplanting the lettuce from the pot into the bed.

In LFL we are always working on our independence.

We cooked a 3 course meal for soe very lucky staff members!

We go on trips and outings and we practice being as independent as possible.

We all have responsibilities in class and have to complete chores.

Being independent means that we can make our own choices and can carry out tasks on our own

We eat out a lot!!!!!

               Social Education

Community work

As part of our Social Ed classes we are linking in with our neighbours in Care choice nursing home.

 We visit them for the chats, we went carol singing before Christmas and some of the residents come to us for a visit.

⬅️Former Chelsea player Bobby Tambling giving our soccer team some advice.