First Year

See some of our interesting work below. 

Welcome to our 1st year page. We have 2 classes in 1st year. Mrs Powers class (1C) and Ms Kellys class (1K). We hope you enjoy what you see below.

Mrs Powers Class took to the roads of Cork this week to see the famous landmarks Cork City has to offer on the Hop on/off bus tour

September 2023    ⬆️☝️

Our trip to Youghal Beach ⛱☀🌅  

Planting some new seeds! They will grow well on our hot window sill. 

We made a gangster Granny Story Board

Designed special bag holders in woodwork class. 

Some atmospheric art work. 

Our Class Agreement 

Ways to connect we live by! 

Check out our memory wall!

Always surround yourself with good people! 

We have left up 2021 and 2022 for your enjoyment below.  They did a load of exciting stuff all year. 


1C and 1K climbed Corrin Hill on April 1st in support of Charlie Bird and MND.

🐮1C on the farm🐮

1C goes flipping mad for Pancake Tuesday

You will need a QR code to listen to the secret Christmas messages left here by 1K! Download a free QR code reader app & enjoy!! 

WOOHOO 1K & 1C had a mighty time at The Gate Cinema!!    17/12/2021

On the way to see ELF!!!

Photo Opportunity 

in the Foyer!!

Let's get cracking then!!

Our friends from CareChoice visit 1K & 2H!    15/12/2021

Storm Barra can't stop 1K!    8/12/2021

So guess who was learning online this morning????

....and this afternoon!!

Introducing 1K in their own words!


1K go on an important shopping trip to Wilton Shopping Centre!!    6/12/2021

1K outside Tesco in Wilton.

Cool dude Mike!

Katie & Kelly selfie-time!

The wheels on the bus go round & round!


1K celebrating Scoil Ber 7th Green Flag- GO TEAM!!    30/11/2021

New Green Flag

1K celebrate the raising of our 7th Green Flag. You rock Mr. Byrne & TY. 

Green Schools Guru

Special mention to 1K Green Schools rep Leeia (on right) with her buddy Lilly.

Here are some AMAZING facts about the fabulous 1K!

We hope you enjoy reading.

Copy facts about ME!!

Sophia, Alan & Mary-Kate from TY teach 1K how to draw on iPads.

Sophia, Alan & Mary-Kate from TY teaching us about iPads in 1K

Sophia & Alan to the rescue!

Lilly getting to grips with the iPad.

Thanks Sophia for helping me to learn something new!

My Canine Companion visit Scoil Ber  23/11/2021

Thanks to our friends at My Canine Companion for visiting with the wonderful waggy-tailed Shelby, Sheila & Jack!!!

Niamh, Lauren, Iris, Leona & Conor welcoming our canine callers!

Spreading goodwill with our Joy Jars in English! 19/11/2021

Look at the Joy Jars we made in English! They are full of good wishes for our families.

We can't wait to give our Joy Jars to our adults!

Science Week in 1K  7th - 14th November 2021

John checks out the 3D printer from Stryker!

Lilly finds a hidden heart!

1K putting together our kites.

Katie...Queen Kite-flyer!

Operation Christmas Child   8/11/2021

Operation Christmas Child makes sure that children who live in poverty get gifts at Christmas.

Well done 1K for thinking of others & putting together some AMAZING shoebox gifts. 


Hallowe'en  22/10/2021

There were ghosts, ghouls, princesses & even a donkey!!

Hallowe'en rocked in 1K!!


History, Maths & Letter-writing

Archaeologists in 1K.

1K BATTLE...Celt-style!!

Venn Diagrams on the floor

Letters to our friends @ CareChoice Nursing Home

Check out how busy we've been in 1st year....

Look at all of the cool things we've been doing in first year...


This week for GREEN SCHOOLS WEEK, 1C took part in lots of different activities, with the main aim to understand how we can make choices that can help the environment. The first activity we did was learn about the different types of bins there and what goes into what bin. We then tested our knowledge of this with a really fun game online

After the game, we spoke about pollution and things we do in our local area that may be bad for the environment, we read a wonderful book called "We want our park back" and discussed how making little changes can make a big difference.

Our final project was a big one! For the past 10 days we have been collecting all our lunch bags in school and today we painted them blue and yellow and to end the week we will make a big collage of the Scoil Ber crest using our own rubbish. 

Thanks Mr Byrne and the Green School Committee for facilitating this

Scoil Bernadette meets David Walliams

Both 1st year classes took part in a live zoom call with David Walliams this week. They laughed so hard I thought we might need to call the nurse! All pupils loved his books and we will be reading them in class going forward :)

Thanks David for visiting us and bringing so much joy to our class.

A huge big Scoil Bernadette Welcome to our new first years who joined us this month.

They had had a wonderful 5 weeks getting to know the school, teachers and other pupils. In class they have learnt our 3 golden rules and are showing amazing IT skills with their new chromebooks. They have made brown bread and flapjacks with Ms Casserly in Home Economics and learning all about our brains in Science with Ms O Connor.

Pupils have settled in well and are a wonderful addition to our school. Watch this space for all the fun activities we do in the next few weeks

Mrs Power and Ms Kelly 

September 2021

Back in school

Now that we are back in school full time we were able to do lots of team building activities and learning away from the computer with our friends. 

In English we did a movie study on WONDER. It is an amazing movie about choosing to be kind to people and how we should not judge a book by its cover.  We also started a book called Noughts Forever by Malorie Blackman. It's about gangs and it is very good. 

In Irish Culture we have studied THE RIVERDANCE - Their legs move very very fast says Harry who loved the show.

In SPHE we learnt about how we are connected in our class and how we have something in common with everyone. This was like a spiders web and great fun - Julie

Online learning 2021

As we return back to school fully on Monday 1st March, Mrs. Powers class spent some time reflecting on what they learnt during these strange time.

Divine - Loved the Friday activities - "The disco was great fun"

Kasey - "I really liked the 10.30am catch up with the class. We played scavenger hunts, show & tell, Bingo and had some really funny discussions like What would be your superpower or would you prefer to work indoors or outdoors :)"

The pictures below are

Siun - "I liked baking and here is my Penguin chocolate cake"

Caoimhe - Mrs. Power asked us to make some crosses using anything at home for St Bridgids Day. I used green paper to make it. It was fun

Julie - "We learnt about Fire safety in SPHE. I checked all our alarms. They were all working"

Kian - I helped my Dad with some plastering. I loved it and I liked telling my class what I did. It was hard but fun.

Christmas Jumper Day 2020

Ms. Horgan's class have organised a Christmas Jumper Day as part of their CSPE action project. We are asking all students to wear a Christmas jumper or hat on Friday 18th December. Students are asked to donate €2 each. All monies raised will be donated to Simon Community. Click on the link below to donate.

Acts of Kindness

Our 1st years took part in doing some acts of kindess this week instead of homework. This was done in memory of Beibhinn O Connor - a little girl from Cork who passed away in September. #theheartangel.

1C have adopted a Red Panda

Dublin Zoo are looking for different ways to raise money to keep up the care of the animals in the zoo. Mrs. Power, Denise and the pupils in 1C have adopted a red panda and will receive their adoption pack in the next 2 weeks. Watch this space for updates about our red panda Frank :) 


This month Mrs Powers class will be researching and discussing Homelessness in CSPE, they will look at some reasons why people become homeless and the charities available to help the homeless. In Irish Culture they will be looking at Irish sport, in particular GAA and Boxing. They watched the movie "The Impossible" which linked in with their Geography lessons on Tsunamis. The class have also being working very hard on sending Emails and using Google Classroom.

Welcome to first years page

This September we welcomed 24 wonderful pupils into our classes. The pupils have fit in very well and are have enjoyed their first month at Scoil Ber.

Mrs Powers class have done activities such as a penpal letter to a nursing home, sent thank you cards to staff, held a class coffee morning in ROOTS cafe and decorated their family trees.


PE on Tuesday - Wear PE kit please

Home Ec - Every Monday - Apron and Lunch box needed

Friday 9th October - 2e needed for jersey day for GOAL.

Swimming on Thursdays - pupils need togs, goggles and towel.

Contact Mrs Power at if you have any enquires 

GOAL Jersey Day 2020

Mrs Powers class held a jersey day for GOAL on Friday 9th October. They raised €250 for GOAL.

Thanks to all students and staff who contributed to this wonderful cause

Here are 1C