2R Class Trips

30/5/24 Kinsale Outdoor Education Centre Fun!!

We had a brilliant fun day out at Kinsale OEC yesterday. We were really excited to get out on the water!

We had such great craic that we all fell asleep on the bus on the way home!

Check out the photos below.

Cork City Fire Station

We had a great day at Cork City Fire Brigade today. It was fun. We got to spray the hoses. We saw huge ladders and fire trucks. We rang the bells and got to try out the cutter machine. Ryan and Tom also got to meet the fire captain's two lovely daughters!!!

We are definitely going there again!

Trip to Rostellan Farm 23/02/24

There was lots to see on Rostellan Farm today.

We got to pet week old calves.

We had fun climbing on bales of straw.

Some of the calves were a month old and two calves had only been born that morning. They wanted to suck our hands, our jackets and even Aggi's hair!

We also got to sit into a big tractor and beep the horn.

Farmer Joe showed us around hs farm and was very welcoming. He is Mr. Hamilton's cousin!

Make-a-bed challenge

2R are starting our make-a-bed challenge. Everyone is going to promise to make their own bed at home every morning for the next 3 weeks at least!

Here are some pictures of us practising making (and lying in!) a bed😅

Christmas Shopping

O what fun we had, on our Christmas Shop today!

We had a great day shopping in Cork today. Everybody got presents for someone at home and we've brought them all back to school to wrap them before bringing them home to put under the tree.

We went around town in small groups with Mr. Hamilton, Ms. O'Connor, Ms Murphy, Aggi, Liz and Ms. O Donovan and everyone went to different shops to buy their gifts.

Afterwards we went to Luigi Malones for lunch and we also had sang Happy Birthday to Ryan and Ben who have birthdays this month.

Class Trip to the Marina Market

We went to check out the Marina Market today. All the Christmas decorations were up

We got to have a go of Virtual Reality headsets. It was good fun!

Afterwards we went to see the new park near Páirc Uí Caoimh. We saw swans and a fountain. We might go for a longer visit there the next time.

Class Trip to Elizabeth Fort

We had beautiful weather for our trip to Elizabeth Fort today!

We could see the whole city from the ramparts of the fort. The Fort was built 400 years ago. It also was used as a prison.

It was Milly's Birthday! It was pretty hard to light the candles, but we still were able to sing Happy Birthday!!

We went to the Crawford Art Gallery today, because it was raining.

We tried posing like the statues!

We also practised our Lamh signs for colours.

We all picked out our favourite art.

Afterwards we went to the shop to buy a healthy snack!

Ballincollig Regional Park

We went on a trip to Ballincollig Regional Park. We went for a long walk and we went on the exercise machines.

Afterwards, we went to the shop and bought a healthy snack each. We bought strawberries, bananas, water and juice.

We put all of our change into our Christmas Savings Scheme.

First Class Trip Out for 2R😍

We went to FitzGerald's Park on the minibus.

We were reading some posters and we saw the Shaky Bridge (Daly's Bridge) (It's in the young offenders).

We played on the slides, the swings and the climbing wall. Alex pushed us all around on the roundabout.

 It was a hot day so we sat in the shade to have our break. Then we came back to school.